Playing field, Summer 2020

July 14th, 2020

Northborough Playing Field is open to all for recreation and exercise.  We consider it a really valuable amenity, especially during the Covid-19 emergency when activities are restricted.  We appreciate that most users are respectful and use the area only for the purpose intended.  However, there has recently been a significant increase in anti-social behaviour focused around one or two permanent structures on the field so, in response to complaints from several residents who live close to those structures, the council agreed to take remedial action (see Minute 20.85.d (June 2020).

 A permanent goalpost in the South West corner of the field belongs to Glinton & Northborough Football Club and, the council has asked the Club to move the post to a different location.  The removal stage has now been completed and the Club is willing to erect a new post but this will not be immediately; they will continue to use temporary goalposts in the meantime, as they do for most of their training and matches on the field. 

 We do genuinely encourage your use of the field.  You are very welcome to bring a temporary goalmouth (preferably with net) or other focus point (cricket stumps, basketball net, tennis net, etc) to the field whenever you use the area, provided it is removed and doesn’t create any permanent damage, and we know that some young people already do this.   Without the permanent structure we hope that the whole field will be used more for these activities rather than that particular corner being over-used. 

 The football club will start training again on the field in late July so keep any eye on their schedule if you want to take part, or alternatively if you want to avoid the area at those times. 

There may also be other organised activities (small pilates classes for instance) while these can’t be carried out indoors, so be aware of these when you’re deciding on the best part of the field for your own activity. Anyone who wishes to use the field for paid-for activities should contact the Clerk.

The outdoor gym equipment is re-opened for use now and the whole field is available for whatever form of exercise users prefer.